MIT wants to help make life work for you

Family life is unpredictable. As an MIT benefits-eligible faculty, staff, postdoc associate or postdoc fellow, you can receive support to help care for the children and adults in your family (including you!). Your benefit includes short-term backup child care, short-term in-home backup adult care, and assistance with senior care planning.
Please note that MIT would like to remind you of the following:
  1. You may not place a backup care request until an authorized credit card is listed on file. To avoid impeding future care requests, enter your credit card information during enrollment by clicking on Settings and selecting Credit Card Information.
  2. You may access your Care@Work benefits through a U.S. IP address only. If you wish to request U.S. care from outside of the U.S., you must connect through your VPN before signing into your account. 
  3. With respect to use of the Personal Network Backup Child Care Covered Service, Eligible Individuals acknowledge that they are solely responsible for complete and accurate disclosures regarding any certifications made to caregivers, when requesting services, and the importance of immediately reporting any change in their COVID-19 health status (including those of their immediate family members) to such caregivers, for proper handling of the testing, treatment, contact-tracing, and quarantining (as the case may be) of the affected individuals.
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